How it Works

Like Content, Get NFTs.
It's That Simple.

Simply put, Patrn is a micro-blogging platform for crowdfunding NFTs. Mint multi-edition NFTs with friends and collectors.

Discover and follow trendsetters or artists and like original content with ETH donations. When it meets the fundraising goal, a multi-edition NFT is minted and airdropped to all contributors. What's left is sent to the artist, and your NFT is available to view and trade on OpenSea.

Become a Crypto

NFTs are ushering in a digital renaissance, and good content requires patronage.

Become a crypto Medici, like up-and-coming content, and receive copies of your favorite works by your favorite artists. Find gems before they hit the market. The more you donate, the rarer the token!

... or Get Verified and
Submit Content.

Get verified, submit content, and earn ETH! Stop searching for buyers one at a time and start finding patrons. Mint and distribute tens, hundreds, or thousands of NFTs and collect royalties on each, with no upfront costs.

Set a fundraising goal for each submission. Patrons “like” content by contributing ETH. When the goal is met, we'll mint then airdrop your tokens for you. You'll receive the total minus the platform, minting, and network fees.

If you fail to reach your goal, you'll receive the funds as a donation, minus a small fee.